Fuhs Family Crucifix.

U.S. Army photo by Spc. Sherree Casper / Artist's depiction by Sgt. 1st Class Chuck Joseph.

Left photo - Cpl. Scott W. Fuhs, 415th Civil Affairs Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, wears a family crucifix that has seen four generations of Army service and four wars.  Right image - An artist's depiction of the 85-year-old family crucifix; the medallion behind the crucifix was added to the heirloom just prior to Fuhs deploying to Iraq.

Images courtesy of U.S. Army.



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Fuhs Family Crucifix, Photo of Cpl. Scott Fuhs by Spec. Sherree Casper; Artist's depiction of the Family Crucifix by Sgt. 1st Class Chuck Joseph (April 16, 2004).  Images courtesy of U.S. Army.

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