Harbor House Gifts Auto Emblem.

Harbor House Gifts - Auto Emblem, manipulated photo by Eric Shindelbower.

The earliest followers of Jesus were persecuted and forced to worship in hidden locations.  Often these believers would scratch the secret symbol of a fish in the ground to help them identify other Christians.
     Not only was fish a common food of the day, often used and referenced by Jesus during His ministry, but the letters which make up the Greek word for "fish,"


also spell out a secret message about our Lord.

"I" - Jesus, "X" - Christ, "O" - God's

"Y" - Son, "E" - Savior.

     The simple, empty cross is a timeless reminder of Christ's death and resurrection - the promise of eternal life.  Together these powerful symbols share a clear message about the life and faith of all believers.

Christian Van at Panama City, Florida.

Christian Van - Panama City, Florida.
Manipulated photo by Eric Shindelbower


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Auto Emblem, Small-Fish-Cross-Gold, 1996 Harbor House Gifts.  Manipulated photograph by Eric Shindelbower.  Inspirational text and "IXOYE" letters courtesy of Harbor House Gifts.

Harbor House Gifts
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Christian Van photographed in Panama City, Florida.  Manipulated photo by Eric Shindelbower.

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