Fort Rucker, AL Lapel Cross

I visited the United States Army Aviation Center's Chaplain Office at Fort Rucker, Alabama, searching for Cross photos for this web site.  Chaplain (COL) Harold T. Carlson and Chaplain (LTC) Robert M. Santry were very hospitable and allowed me to make the images shown on this page.  The photo on the left shows the U.S. Army's Chaplains Crest and photographs of the Army Chaplain Chain of Command.  Chaplain Santry was kind enough to give me one of his Chaplain's lapel cross and it can be seen in the photo on the right. 
Photographs by Eric Shindelbower. 

Col. Harold T. Carlson

Cross ring and battle dress uniform of Chaplain (COL) Harold T. Carlson

"The Cross is such a powerful symbol of gift, love,
sacrifice, suffering, death, shame and triumph."
                                    - Colonel Harold T. Carlson

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