In the Chaos

In the chaos there’s the cross,

standing against the sky,

symbol of sacrifice

of the One who for us died,

symbol of the victory

over death that He gained,

symbol of resurrection

and hope for life again.


In the chaos there’s the cross,

beckoning all who see

to turn their hearts to the Lord

who calls, “Come, ye weary, to Me.”

In the evil God shines His Light

and makes for us a Way

to walk through the valley of death

into a brighter day.


In the chaos there’s the cross,

declaring to all men

that Jesus Christ is Lord

and His love will never end.


© 2001 Traci Bonney

World Trade Center Steel Beam Cross.



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"In the Chaos" - written by © 2001 Traci Bonney; used by permission of Traci and may not be published without prior written permission of the author.

Steel Beam cross photo by Andrea Booher / FEMA News Photo.  Courtesy of the FEMA web site.


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