The Price HE Had To Pay
Written by Jai Johnson

This will bless you eternally and will forever keep you reaching and searching. There are more to learn at the foot of the cross than anywhere else. 

So stop looking up and stop looking for it in the world and within people and look for it at the cross and in the cross. The greatest place to be in all the world is not on stage before millions, not being a well known figure in the music business, not an actress or actor, not the greatest musician, the greatest star, or political figure.   The greatest position of all and the most rewarding is kneeling at the cross for the One who see all and has all power is your audience.

HE gave it all.

I remember years ago back home in Maryland, when the lord spoke this to me.

I gave it all just for you. Nothing that I made could pay the price for you. I created all things, the Gold, Silver, Diamond and all the riches of the world and yet none could I use to pay the price for you. I had to come all by myself. All of the agony, the pain, the rejection, the loneliness, the despite of all towards me, all of the sorrow could not pay the price. I was tempted with all that the world had and yet it was not enough just to reject it. I had to bear your cross and my "Blood had to be shed on that cross" to purchase that in which I had created.  I gave it all; nothing that was made could pay the price. I had to come myself.

"Jesus the Christ"

Three Crosses - Shiloh UMC.



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Three Crosses, Shiloh United Methodist Church - Manipulated photo by Eric Shindelbower; image may not be reproduced without prior written permission.


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