The Door
Written by Jai Johnson

"I am the door; if any one enters by me, he will be saved,
and will go in and out and find pasture." 
John 10:9. (RSV)

The cares of the world and life seem to take us through the wrong doors in search of, Peace, Joy, Happiness. The tranquilities of life seem to escape us during the moments in time when all seems to be failing. When we are challenged by the cares of the world and the cares seem to be overwhelming us, we began to allow the cares to drive us into the wrong doors. We began to seek answers, comfort in all the wrong places. We open the doors of our earthly church and yet it seems at times no answer or any change to our situations. We dive into the bible and yet the words seem so far and seem to have no effect upon our situations, our cares. We began to pray and yet it seems to be no answer. We began looking for those who are close for answer, we take counsel, and yet it seems to be no end to our distress, our agony, the pain and suffering. Our reasoning began to manifest doubt, we are bombarded with thoughts, we are constant looking for anything that will bring a change and nothing seems to work. We enter this door and that door of our friends and neighbor and yet it seems to be no release. We seem to began to fade into the abyss of the word looking for solutions to bring comfort and relief to our problems or our love one’s problem and yet no signs of change. 

The problem is that we are entering into the wrong door. Jesus is the “Door” and in him is the pasture. In the pasture are the very things we seek. In the pasture, we are sheltered from the cares of the world. In the pasture is rest, restoration, regeneration and renewal. In the pasture is GOD comfort and GOD presence. The door is the very presence of Jesus.

Front Entrance - CrossPointe Church.


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The Door - Written by Jai Johnson (August 2, 2005).  Thanks goes to Jai for allowing me to share his words.

Front entrance to CrossPointe Church, manipulated photo by © Eric Shindelbower.  Image may not be reproduced without prior written permission.

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